• Are you getting married and would you like to make it a fantastic Corfu honeymoon?
  • A week out with family members, friends of the sports club or from work?
  • Hibernate in Corfu?
  • Reunion?

Our hotel offers opportunities especially in the off-season and off-season to make it a nice trip with a group of family members, friends or colleagues. Which can also be price-technically interesting. Contact   us and we’ll make you an interesting proposal.


For groups we have special actions run, so you can get a better price. If you press “prices” and after you choose which concept you prefer, so hotel or studios and you have entered the dates then press “Check availability”. Then you can find the prices of our different floors at the bottom (scroll down) that we offer for rent at very affordable prices. Also in 6 different rate types, as we offer this for all room types. So we have Nonrefundable Room Only (NRF RO), Room Only (RO), Nonrefundable Bed & Breakfast (NRF BB), Bed & Breakfast (BB), Nonrefundable Half Board (NRF HB) and Half board (HB), these are the 6 rate types (meal types) we offer.