ARAGORN HOTEL is a small hotel where you get the same service from, as the service in a large hotel. That`s why you have the opportunity to have personal contact with the managers. As well as the staff as if they were your friends. Contact in a normal honest relaxed atmosphere. Therefor we have built up lasting friendships with most customers.

Rooms and studios

We have standard hotel rooms with separate bathrooms. The bathroom consists a toilet, sink and a shower.  Not the great luxury of a 4- or 5- star hotel, but economic bathrooms which are clean, hygienic and functional.

For those who wish to prepare their own breakfast or small meals, we have provided studios with a small kitchenette. These are limited, that`s why they are only bookable on request via the contact form.

Swimming pool and gardens

Our swimming pool is our pearl, were we can be rightly proud of and this is equipped with an adult area and a shallow splash pool for children. In the middle we have a paradise island with little palm trees. Above all this island also serves as a separation for the two parts of the pool.

Restaurant and cocktail bars

The hotel has a restaurant, named PARADISE restaurant. Here you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, with the accompanying drinks. Enjoy a delicious Cappuchino in the morning. During the day you can cool down with an iced coffee (Frappé) next to the pool. The coffee is made of the NESPRESSO brand (What else?).

At any time of the day, you can enjoy an alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail at our beautiful authentic cocktail bar. Even more we have a cocktail bar next to the swimming pool and you have the choose of a delicious range of cocktails. Also, this bar we are organizing HAPPY HOUR daily from 17:00 h to 18:00 h. As a result you can enjoy your aperitif for the half price.

Several events are organized for young and old. For example we have Greek evenings, Concert dinners, Themed evenings and in the afternoon even English tea parties with a Greek touch. Certainly we close off the evening with a swinging party.

Day Trips & Tours

There are many things to do during your holiday in Corfu (see also our Tips). We have the experience and the know-how to realize these things for you without spending too much money. Therefore a good professional service is guaranteed. We have been working with reliable people for 5 to 6 years. In that period, we never had one single problem. Hence, it’s not to sell you certain things, but we offer them. Because we know from experience that there are companies that promise this service but don’t comply. For us it`s important that you enjoy your stay on Corfu. After all, you’re on vacation.  During this time, it is normal not to have any worries on your head.

The best website to find information about Corfu is TRIPADVISOR  (Things to do in Corfu).